Prevention Tips for Salt-Based E-Liquid Related Headaches

The progression of salt-based e-liquids has changed the world of vaping on a significant level. Those who yearn for that enjoyable buzz can get fulfillment without any of the cruelty associated with juices that consist of freebase nicotine.

Headache Prevention Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

Learn that heavy vaping can cause moderate dehydration. When consumed in significant amounts, both nicotine and propylene glycol (PG) can dehydrate the body. You must remain hydrated throughout the day since salt nicotine vape juices consist of higher levels of nicotine as well as PG.

As all of us understand, among the most typical indications of dehydration is a headache if you’re vulnerable to problems after taking a couple of hits from your pod gadget, starting increasing your water consumption and see if that fixes the issue.

Headache Prevention Tip #2 Quit Chain-Vaping

It is rather simple to get a headache by chain-vaping since of the high level of nicotine in a bottle of salt-based e-liquid. You may be lured to take continuous hits if you’re used to sub-ohm gadgets such as your requirement box mods.

Other indications that you need to stop chain-vaping consist of lightheadedness, increased heart rate (which can trigger your high blood pressure to improve) and a wired, tense sensation. Take a break for a couple of hours if you’re feeling any of these indications after vaping a lot of nic salt juices. This will permit your body to ideally collect itself for you to start the next vape session.

Headache Prevention Tip #3: Lower Your Nicotine Concentration Level

When salt nicotine e-liquids initially came out, they usually all had the same concentration of 5%. If you’re delicate to nicotine, think about deciding for a lower level to prevent getting a headache.

Stay Vape Headache Free

By following these ideas, you’ll have the ability to enjoy your nicotine salts without fretting about getting a headache. And as vaping continues to grow, the introduction of brand-new gadget systems, primarily pod-based, that can manage nic salts, will also increase from a technological viewpoint. This, in turn, will assist you to discover which salt-based juices work for your vape choices.

Causes of Vape Headaches

Nicotine restricts your blood vessels and impacts your system, which in turn can trigger problems. Nicotine is also a moderate stimulant which might trigger dizziness if you are not used to it.

For cigarette smokers, each cigarette consists of about 1mg of nicotine, which means that if you smoke a pack in a day, then you would be taking in around 20mg of nicotine. E-liquids can differ in the quantity of nicotine they consist of. Also, picking a juice that has a lower level of nicotine than that of cigarettes is perfect for previous cigarette smokers.

Another possible cause of headaches for some individuals is propylene glycol (PG). The problems due to PG are triggered by dehydration. However, there have been some cases of the level of sensitivity to propylene glycol, which can trigger not just headaches; however, likewise, skin inflammation, like rashes, as well as dry mouth.